Bespoke Websites

There may be instances where you may not want something that works right out of the box. Maybe you have a specific design in mind, a complex integration with exisiting systems, or even a brand new idea. This is where our bespoke service comes in.


Brochure Websites

A glossy brochure at the touch of a button where you can showcase your very own, wonderful brand or service to the world. Traderi can provide your business with the perfect online shop window marketed in the most efficient way to grab the attention of potential customers everywhere. A great tool to spread the word and whet the appetite of people who may need what you can offer.

Brochure websites are intended to be static and therefore pretty low-maintenance, our aim is to work with you all the way but also give you the training necessary to update and maintain the site as you see fit (Of course, we're always on the other end of the phone if you need us!).

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

LAMP Development

Good old, versatile LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) can be used to develop websites from the more simple and basic to the most sleek and complex. LAMP is open source, which is good news if you have a specific budget in mind, and makes it a popular choice for a whole range of different site requirements.

Although we are familiar with Microsoft IIS, classic ASP and .NET we recommend LAMP in most instances to keep development and running costs down.

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